Chechen Fighters Interrogate Alleged Separatist

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DISCLAIMER: This footage was supplied by Chechen fighters.

Chechens soldiers fighting alongside Ukrainian nationalists seized a pro-Russian rebel in Shirokino for questioning. The hostage said that he was recently released from prison in Russia and was trying to reach his relatives in Ukraine. When crossing the border, he says he was grabbed by separatists and was recruited to fight with them against the Ukrainians.


  1. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier), : 00.00: "A month ago I was released in Russia." / (Chechen soldier) "Move" / "A month ago I was released in Russia and tried to run away to Ukraine." / (Chechen soldier) "From where were you released? From the Army?" / "From Prison." / (Chechen soldier) "You were in jail? For what?" / "For stealing." / (Chechen soldier) "What did you steal?" / "A robbed a shop."
  2. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 01.25: (Chechen soldier) "And what happened next?" / "I fled Russia across the border." / (Chechen soldier) "Where did you run to?" / "To Ukraine."
  3. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 01.45: (Chechen soldier) "Who advised you to come here?" / "No one. I wanted to go to Dnepropetrovsk. I have relatives there." / (Chechen soldier) "Where do your relatives live in Dnepropetrovsk?" / "I do not know."
  4. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 02.10: "I wanted to go in that direction, but I passed the border in the wrong place and was caught in the Luhansk region by their army. They recruited me to their army." / (Chechen soldier) "When did this happen? Why did they recruit you?" / "In May." / (Chechen soldier) "You're here since May?" / "Yes, I've been here since May."
  5. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 02.32: (Chechen soldier) "With whom did you first meet?" / "I went directly to the border, and I was seized. They took all my documents."
  6. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 3.10: (Chechen soldier) "They took you and said that you were going to fight" / "Yes." / (Chechen soldier) "What was your battalion?" / "First battalion." / (Chechen soldier) "Who was the commander of the battalion?" / "His name was 'Good'."
  7. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 03.40: (Chechen soldier) "Did they train you to fight?" / "No." / (Chechen soldier) "You were recruited directly from the border?" / "Yes. I was brought here. At first I spent two weeks in Stahanke, and then they sent me here. I was trying to run away from them."
  8. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 04.07: (Chechen soldier) "Who did they tell you that you were going to fight against in Shirokino?" / "They said there were Serbs, and others. They said a lot of nonsense." / (Chechen soldier) "Answer the question." / "Serbs. They said Serbs were staying here."
  9. soundbite (Russian)
    Prisoner (with Chechen soldier): 04.40: (Chechen soldier) "Did you have weapons?" / "Yes." / (Chechen soldier) "What kind?" / "A machine gun." / (Chechen soldier) "Where did you leave it?" / "I threw it away near the cemetery." / (Chechen soldier) "There? In the bushes?" / "In some house." / (Chechen soldier) "Why did you leave it?" / "Because if I came to your side with a gun, you would have shot me. Without a gun I had a chance to survive." / (Chechen soldier) "Did you quarrel with someone before leaving the battalion?" / "I had constant conflicts there." / (Chechen soldier) " With whom?" / "All of them." / (Chechen soldier) "Why?" / "They didn't like that I always told the truth." / (Chechen soldier) "How many of them were there?" / "There were eleven people in my brigade."