Libyan Coast Guard Seizes Migrant Boat

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Libyan coast guard vessels intercept a boat carrying 120 African migrants in the Mediterranean Sea and force it to return to the port of Tripoli.


  1. open sea near coast of Tripoli
  2. migrants boat sailing in open sea
  3. Libyan coast guards driving coast guard boat
  4. Various of migrants boat sailing in open sea
  5. Various of coast guard boats in pursuit of migrant boat
  6. Various of coast guard boats escorting migrants boat back to Tripoli seaport
  7. Libyan flag on top of coast guard boat
  8. Various of migrants boat ducking in Tripoli seaport
  9. Various of migrants getting of boat
  10. Various of African migrants waiting to get of boat
  11. Various of migrants sitting on the ground at Tripoli seaport
  12. Migrants receiving juice and cake
  13. Various of migrants sitting on the ground and drinking juice
  14. Migrants sitting under shade
  15. Libyan coast guard flag


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Ali Daolab, Coast Guard: We captured a rubber boat holding about 150 illegal migrants including women and children, we captured then at sea about 17 miles from the coast, their situation was very bad and their boat was starting to sink, and as you know this kind of rubber boats are not made to transport these numbers.
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    No name given, Sudanees Migrant: We were at sea en route to Italy and the Libyan police in Tripoli captured us, we want to live, we are going to Italy to live (better life), to work in anything, we want to live.
  3. soundbite (Arabic)
    No name given, Somali Migrant: We do not know the name of the smuggler, we were on a boat we didn't know anything we just went with them (smugglers) and sailed for about 3 hours in the sea.