Tank Shell Hits a House in Aden, Yemen

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Aden, Yemen
May 5, 2015

Video shows a residential building in Sheikh Othman neighbourhood, Aden that was damaged by tank shell bombing. At least three civilians were killed by the bombing and 12 others wounded. Four families had moved in just a few days before, relocating from another neighbourhood that had become too unsafe because of heavy fighting

The footage includes an interview with a resident of the building.


  1. Various shots of building adjacent to a gas station, damaged by a tank shell
  2. Shots of cars queuing in front of gas station, debris from the blast
  3. ITW with Ahmed Cheikh, a member of one of the 4 families living in the building
  4. Shots of Ahmed Cheikh
  5. Various shots of area


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Ahmed Cheikh, Resident of Damaged Building : We were sitting inside this place. We were sitting here for the past two days. It was almost 12 o’clock. When we saw a missile going in the building. Can you see where? A man died. His name was Nizar. They were sitting upstairs and we were below them. Four people were injured. The first missile hit. the area outside, I don’t know exactly where. The second missile went through the building. I think it came from there, some people say so. I think it was shot from the passages over there. This is what happened. There was one martyr died and four were injured.