Young Fighters Targeting a Sniper in Aden

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Format mpeg4, Bitrate 8.422 mbps

Young fighters from the Popular Committees in Aden, Yemen, targeting a sniper located in a building nearby.


  1. Long shot following Popular Committees' fighter Gamal walking to the frontline; fighters approaching a firing position on the corner of a building
  2. Shots of a building through sandbags, presumed location of a Houthi sniper
  3. Various shots of fighters shooting at the building
  4. ITW with young fighter
  5. Various shots of fighters


  1. soundbite (English)
    Gamal, FIghter in Aden: They are shooting at the snipers who are in that tall building over there.
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    Mahmoud Ahmad, Fighter in Aden: They invaded the building over there. A lot of people were injured. Hopefully we will make them leave My name is Mahmoud Ahmad from Aden. Inshallah we will let the Houthis leave, Inshallah. Allah Akbar.