Civilians Flee Southern Aden by Boats as Houthi Militias Gain Ground

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Aden, Yemen
May 7, 2015

People from Touwayi flee their neighbourhood by boat, as Houthi militias advance in Aden, Yemen.


  1. Families disembarking a tugboat in Aden after felling Touwayi
  2. Tugboat full of civilians approaching the port
  3. General views of Touwayi as the boat approaches
  4. Captain and pilot getting ready
  5. Tugboat approaches the pier, a few people jump out, boat departs after a few seconds
  6. Views of Touwayi
  7. Passengers on the tugboat try to get other boats to bring them to Touwayi
  8. Explosion on the hill above Touwayi
  9. ITW with young passenger
  10. Cutaway of young passenger
  11. People yelling in the pilot's cabin, want him to turn his boat around to go to Touwayi get civilians who want to flee
  12. ITW with passenger #2
  13. People arguing with the pilot, close-ups
  14. Various shots of people on the boat, waving at smaller boats to bring them to Touwayi


  1. soundbite (English)
    Boat Passenger #1: There are a lot of dangers there. A lot of bombs, a lot of snipers. We can't help the people there because of bombs. I don't have any information about my family here, because I can't contact them. So I ask God to help them, God willing. Some families have been waiting since yesterday, so I think they have very little food that would only last them for one day. They don't have a lot of food there. They don't have any houses left. Their houses were destroyed. Destroyed.
  2. soundbite (French)
    Boat Passenger #2: People have left. All of them. There is nobody there. It's over. Because of the war. The Houthis have entered. Electricity is shut down. Food... there is no food. And water... there is no water. Everybody has left to al-Bureykha.