Aden Civilians Flee by Boats

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Aden, Yemen
May 6, 2015

Civilians in Aden are only able to leave dangerous areas in the city in small boats after traveling by land became too dangerous.
Dozens of families are seen in this video arriving on the shore of al-Husswa area in Aden after fleeing the heavily embattled quarters of Mualla, Tawahi and Crater. A local militia commander who is fighting against the Houthis says that more than 1,500 families have so far arrived from other areas of Aden by boats.


Moving shot of small boats carrying refugees at sea
Moving shot of small boats approaching the shore
Various of refugees disembarking
Wide of a man talking to a woman on wheelchair
Various of militiamen handing out drinking water to refugees
Wide of people pushing a boat on the shore
Wide of small boat in the sea

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unnamed Refugee
02:03 – 02:24
“There was indiscriminate shelling. This was why we left our homes and fled to a safer location. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] families have fled through ports. More than 15 families left because they were panicking. We left our homes and came as refugees.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Woman) Unnamed Refugee
02:25 – 02:36
“[UNINTELLIGIBLE] we were tired of the situation. Q: What happened?
A: There was bombing.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unnamed Refugee
02:36 – 03:19
“We fled the area of Tawahi because of indiscriminate bombing by the militias of Houthi and Affash [Ali Abdullah Saleh]. They bombed our homes ruthlessly. We have been trying to escape since dawn. Thanks be to God, we have now arrived safely. Thanks be to God, as you can see…
They [militias] are positioned and sniping unarmed civilians. We managed to exit safely, thanks be to God.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Shawqi Abdullah Nis, Spokesperson of the Popular Committees Militias
03:19 – 04:29
“Today we [UNINTELLIGIBLE] We receive wounded people yesterday. They were transferred to Bureihi hospital. There were four cases. Today, we started at 6:30 am and we are still working. We have received nearly 1,500 families, which were taken to the areas of [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Madinat Shaab, Sheikh Uthman and Mansoura.
Some families were assembled and taken to schools, such as al-Johari and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] schools.
Also, some families were taken to Madinat al-Shaab with the help of some men [fighters] there. We also collaborated with the residents of Inma and Abu Harba areas, as well as residents of Bir Ahmed village.
Some families included wounded people. We received about six or seven injured people today, who were taken to Bureihi hospital.
A boat drowned as a result of the bombing -- the barbarian aggression by the Houthis and Affash [Ali Abdullah Saleh]. The fate of the boat is still unknown.
It was said that the boat was transporting families and a mortar shell landed in its middle.”
Wide of presidential palace in Tawahi
Wide of oil tanks
Wide of neighbourhood
Medium of a man on the shore looking through a pair of binoculars
Medium of a family on the shore looking at the sea
Wide of speedboat/ zoom out family on the shore looking at the sea