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13 more in collection Ukraine: Volunteer Battalions Active as Ceasefire Weakens Pt 2.

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May 5, 2015, Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine. The volunteer battalions represent the most motivated and well trained units of the Ukrainian forces fighting the Russian backed separatists. Battalions like Azov and Donbass have been fighting since the beginning of the so called 'anti terrorist operation" in the spring 2014, often suffering heavy casualties against the better trained and equipped separatists. The amount of casualties taken sees a constant need for new recruits which can fill in the ranks before being sent to the front after a few weeks training in the Kiev area, such as ther base in the West of the capital. Young men who volunteer to join up the Azov battalion are being trained in the art of war with shooting practices, first aid, or even team work and PT training. Recruits are learning how to keep a good position while using their machine gun. (Jonathan Alpeyrie/Transterra Media)