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13 more in collection Ukraine: Volunteer Battalions Active as Ceasefire Weakens Pt 2.

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May 2, 2015, Shirokino, Donbass Oblast, Ukraine. With the Minsk II cease fire accords, Russian backed separatists and the Ukrainian army were ordered to withdraw all heavy weapons from the front lines in order to give the peace plan a chance to work. On most of the 450KM front line the agreement worked except in a few flash points such as Lugansk, Peske near the Donetsk airport and Shirokino near the port of Mariupol. In the past two weeks, the fighting between the two forces has increased dramatically, therefore putting the cease fire agreement in doubt, as many fear the fighting will erupt all along the line as it did last February. Near Mariupol, volunteer battalions like the Azov and Donbass units are fighting each day in the small town of Shirokino to keep control of the strategic town from separatists forces. Heavy fighting erupts on a daily basis. A Donbass patrol is moving to a new location as fighting flares up. (Jonathan Alpeyrie/Transterra Media)