Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration in Istanbul

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Created by Ibrahim Karci

Turkey 26 Apr 2015

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Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration in Istanbul.
Interviews with 4 person.

1- Ozdes Ozbay, Turkish, 30, Political Science PHD. Student: Member of the Organisation "Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism (DurDe*)" that have been organising the commemorations since 2010.

2- Sakine: Play Actress, Activist, Turkish

My name is Sakine and I am Play actress. I have been attending to commemoration for about 5-6 years. At the beginning there were much more less people than now but the crowd of people have been getting bigger gradually.

3- Arto Tuncboyaciyan: World-wide known Grammy award winner Musician, Turkey born Armenian-American.

4- Jordan, American Teacher Living in Istanbul

Except for the 2. interview, all interviews were held in English.