Yemeni Civilian Victims Describe Last Moments Before Airstrike

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Sanaa, Yemen
April 21, 2015

This video shows several Yemenis, including children, at a hospital in Sanaa. The victims were severely injured in an airstrike that targeted a Houthi-held military base in the Sanaa suburb of Faj Attan on April 20. Civilian neighborhoods located about 5 km away from the base were severely damaged.

The interviewed patients recall the last moments before they were hit. One of the children says that he was injured while he was on the street, trying to make a living by selling a traditional plant used for brushing teeth called miswak.

According to the Yemeni official news agency Saba, at least 25 people were killed and 398 others wounded in the attack.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Boy) Abdullah Mohamed Gushab, A civilian injured in an airstrike
00:18 – 00:28

"I was selling miswaq in Jamaal Street. The attack began and then the explosion hit me. Q: There was an airplane?
A: An airplane."

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Mohamed Gushab, The father of a civilian injured in an airstrike
00:29 – 00:52

"He was just selling miswaq in order to provide food for the family. He was in Tahrir Square and then the plane launched a strike and he was hit. He was injured severely. A benefactor found him and took him to the hospital."

SOUNDBITE (English, Man) Emanual Abdullah, A civilian injured in an airstrike
01:10 – 01:41

“I come from Faj Attan. And I as inside my house, so I was about coming out when I had the bomb blast in front of my house. I was thinking all over my life and the big block smashed my head. That is how I got the injury. And the doctor is saying something about making an operation on me tomorrow. So… that is just it.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Boy) Abd al-Wahab, A civilian injured in an airstrike
02:00 – 02:28

"The first explosion was light. I went to see where it had hit and then the second missile was launched and I did not expect the strike to be that strong. I thought I was in a horror movie. I tried to run and the door of the store fell on my back. I then tried to run again but the debris hit me and I was injured."