Somalia: Seven Killed in Garowe Attack

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A bombing has targeted UNICEF staff in Garowe in the Puntland region of eastern Somalia, killing seven and wounding another seven. According to local officials, four foreign nationals were killed in the attack.

UNICEF staff were in their bus to work when an IED exploded next to their vehicle, possibly the work of a suicide bomber, officials say.

This video shows the aftermath of the attack: the destroyed UNICEF vehicle, stained vitcims' blood.


  1. soundbite (Somali)
    Ahmed Abdullahi Samatar, Police Chief, Nugal Region: A tragedy has occurred, and we are very sorry to hear of it. It is the will of Allah. Seven people died, including four are foreigners and two Somalis. The other casualty is who we think was the suicide bomber. We have his head, but the rest of his body was lost in the explosion. Seven others were injured in the explosion, five Somali nationals and two foreigners.