Iraqis Flee ISIS Attack on Ramadi and Head to Shiite Karbala

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Dozens of Anbar province residents have fled their homes and headed to the Shiite-majority province of Karbala.

People interviewed at checkpoints said that they left their homes in fear of an onslaught by ISIS. They added that they feel safe to be in Karbala.
Anbar is a predominantly Sunni area.

Iraqi government forces have started to dig a trench to isolate desert areas of Karbala from Anbar and Babel provinces. Coverage of this story can be found here:


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Ali Taleb Abbas al-Jumaili, Displaced person heading to Karbala.
00:00 – 01:30

“I am from Anbar province, al-Karma district. I will go to Baghdad or any other place. Ramadi has been bombed and ISIS has done so much and killed people. There are no safe areas left in Anbar. Interviewer: You are Sunni. Are you not scared of going to a Shiite area?
Why would I be scared? They are our families. My clan is located in Karbala, Hilla, Mahmoudiya.
Interviewer: What do you think about the security measures?
The measures are very good. They are treating us very well. People have been inviting me to stay with them.
Interviewer: What is your name?
Ali Taleb Abbas al-Jumaili."

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Woman) Um Eyad, Displaced person heading to Karbala
00:46 – 04:31

“Interviewer: Are you from Fallujah? Yes, Fallujah.
Interviewer: Why did you leave your house and come to Karbala?
We fled the bombing. Rockets have wrecked our homes. We left because we were scared.
Interviewer: How was the road?
It was rough.
Interviewer: Did you all leave your homes?
Yes, we left our homes. God is witness. Houses have been destroyed. We fled because we were scared. We took the families and went away.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Woman) Unnamed displaced person heading to Karbala
04:32 – 05:26

“I am from Karma. Interviewer: In Fallujah?
Interviewer: Why did you leave your homes?
We left because of the situation. We brought the families and came here.
Interviewer: Was the bombing carried out by ISIS? The Iraqi forces?
We fled ISIS.
Interviewer: Did you feel threatened?
Yes, we did.
We were besieged. We were scared of ISIS and the bombing.
Interviewer: How the people of Karbala, the police and the army receive you?
Thanks be to God, they have done everything they should have.
Interviewer: Why are you sitting here?
We are waiting for the car search to be over. "