Clashes and Damage in Mualla Near Aden

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Aden, Yemen
April 10, 2015

Video of clashes and aftermath of shelling in the southern Yemeni city of Mualla near Aden.


  1. Wide of street battle
  2. Wide of a tank on a street
  3. Wide of a building on fire
  4. Various of a damaged building
  5. General shots of a street and destroyed buildings
  6. Travelling of killed child’s funeral procession


  1. soundbite (Arabic: 02:50 - 03:20)
    Unnamed Resident of Mualla, Local Resident: “Let the world see. They are bombing unarmed people, who do not have any weapons at all. The world needs to stand with the people who are suffering from injustice. The dignity of people is under attack and women and children are under bombing. The world has to understand that these are war profiteers who need to tried in front of the world. Where is human conscience? They say that people in northern Yemen are our brothers. The war involves the south only. They want to annihilate the people of the south. This is the truth.”
  2. soundbite (Arabic: 03:42 - 04:15 )
    Unnamed Resident of Mualla, Local Resident: “The Houthis and their allies, as well as the traitor Ali Abdullah Saleh, are bombing inhabited buildings with tanks. We are standing against them with utmost bravery. Our men and women are fighting against them. We will resist them with the help of God. We shall not accept this. Children! They have killed our children! They have killed our children! They destroyed our homes! But we shall remain steadfast, God willing. We will resist them.”
  3. soundbite (Arabic: 04:16 - 04:49 )
    Unnamed Resident of Mualla, Local Resident: " We are the people from southern resistance in Aden, and we are holding the advance of the Houthis. We are asking the coalition to send ground forces, because air and naval strikes are not working. The citizens are being hit by the strikes, there is dead people and families are not being able to move. And we cannot help them. We are resisting the attacks from Houthi fighters and we are not going to leave until we push them back. God is Great"
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