Freed Yezidis Describe Their Detention by ISIS

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Kirkuk, Iraq
April 08 2015

More than 216 Yezidi Kurds held by ISIS were released on Wednesday, April 8 in the area of Nahrawan, some 25 km to the south of Kirkuk. Freed detainees were transported by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Video includes interviewees with released hostages who describe the situation during their captivity.


  1. soundbite (Kurdish 00:00 - 01:34)
    Unnamed Yezidi Woman, Held by ISIS : “We have been detained since ISIS entered our areas. We have been taken to several areas. We were first treated well. They brought us food, fruit and water. They took the women and men, but the women were isolated. They took the women that they wanted and did not let us see them until now. They are still detaining the women and young men. Thanks be to God, since we have been released, I hope they will be released with the rest of the people as well. We demand that our areas be liberated and that Yezidis be given in international protection, so that terrorism does enter our areas and that the Yezidis do not get targeted again. They treated us well and there was electricity 24 hours a day. They gave us food and water.”
  2. soundbite (Kurdish and Arabic 01:35 - 01:46)
    Unnamed Yezidi Man, Held by ISIS : [Kurdish] “How would our situation if we were held by the enemy? We were liberated in the area of Tallafar and brought to Guayyarah. [Arabic] Thanks be to God, we are well. The situation was not very bad. They were very good to us. Thanks be to God, our brothers the Peshmerga escorted us. We are now comfortable. Now we are relieved. We went from Talafar to Guyara in Kirkuk. Thanks be to God. The young men… they have my son. He is missing. We have not known anything about him since the first day.”