Tunsia: French Hostage in Museum Attack

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Interview with a French woman taken hostage during the terrorist attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia. Declining to give her family name, she identified only as José Marie.


  1. soundbite (French)
    José Marie, French Hostage in Tunis Museum: (0:00) We were visiting the museum and everything was calm. At first we thought a statue had fallen over, but then we heard screams. Then eventually we realized that it was gunfire going off. We did not know what to do, so we hid. (0:18) Then, after a while, we did not hear any more gunshots. We were with another couple who had two children; we were there with friends. We all managed to escape. Then we saw a guide in another room who let us in, where we found ourselves with fifty other people who were with him. (0:40) They told us to stay seated on the ground, so we stayed seated for about an hour, sitting and waiting until police forces intervened. We did not know if it was the terrorists or the police who entered. They told us “Run, run run!” There were soldiers with machine guns everywhere. It was very incredible… We are very happy that… (1:06) (Journalist) Did you see the terrorists? (1:07) No. We did not see the terrorists. We did not see the terrorists from where we were. (1:13) (Journalist) Did they attack people right away? (1:16) I do not know. I assure you, we were not in the exact location where it was happening. (1:21) I know there were deaths because, when we left, we saw dead bodies. We walked right next to them. But I do not know at all how it happened at that time.