Troops Loyal to Libya Dawn Launch Offensive against ISIS in Sirte

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March 17, 2015
Sirte, Libya

Islamist troops loyal to Libya Dawn, a self appointed government based in Tripoli, have been instructed to drive ISIS out of Sirte. The 166 Brigade and militias from Misrata began their offensive against ISIS in Sirte, a coastal city that used to be a stronghold of Muammar Gaddafi.

The allied Islamist fighters have not yet been able to enter the city despite launching an offensive on Saturday March 14, 2015. They claim that Gaddafi loyalists are in control of the city and are now fighting under the ISIS flag.

In this video Gian Micalessin, an Italian veteran war reporter with more than 30s years of experience in war journalism who has covered Libya since 2011 revolution, visits the front lines with the allied fighters.

A longer rough cut is available on request.


  1. soundbite (Italian)
    Gian Micalessin, War reporter: 03-19 We are at the entrance of Sirte and the situation seems to get worse. The Misrata militias do not even succeed to enter the city so the whole city seems to be controlled by the Islamic State
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    not said, Libyic militant: 18- 27 They are at the entrance of the city and they have snipers all around the buildings
  3. soundbite (English)
    not said, Libyic militant: 28- 36 Listen: this is the radio of the Islamic State here in Sirte
  4. soundbite
    46-57 : We're going to fight Gheddafi's militias. It's them , again... they just changed their flags and now they call themselves Isis.
  5. voiceover
    36-43: But some of these Libyan militants is not yet convinced that the real enemy is the Islamic State.
  6. voiceover
    58- A few hours ago, the Isis troops managed to advance along the coastal road and they bombed the militias of Misrata. Now the Brigade 166 of Misrata is trying to get into the center of Sirte but it won't be easy