Libyan Traditional Dress Day

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The Libyan Ministry of Culture and Civil Society in Libya announced the 13th of March as the National Day for the Libyan Traditional Dress, and the held an event in the capital Tripoli where hundreds of young people dressed up in traditional costume and walked around the city. A large ceremony was held in the Martyr square, with performances from folkloric and traditional Libyan music acts.

Hundred of the youngsters danced and enjoyed their day out in the city center, welcoming the short break from the conflicts which the country has seen over the recent months. However violence in Libya continues; most recently a police station was bombed not far from the city center on Sunday 15 March with ISIS have claiming responsibility.


  1. Various of police security in front of Tripoli Museum (former King Idriss Castle)
  2. Mid of Tripoli Museum main building
  3. Close of sign Reading: (Arabic) "Traditional Libyan Dress Festival"
  4. Various of Traditional Libyan Dress Festival parade
  5. Mid of youth in Traditional Libyan Dress dancing
  6. Various of youth in Traditional Libyan Dress
  7. Mid of people walking to Festival area
  8. Various of Libyan women and children in Traditional Libyan Dress
  9. Various of youth in Traditional Libyan Dress


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Wael Mohamed, Tripoli Resident : Today is 13th of March which the Ministry of culture has announced as the National Day for the Libyan Traditional dress, and its considered to be a good gesture by the ministry of culture to revive the Libyan heritage from the Libyan dress to traditions and customs, and the event will see different activities in the program, Traditional music bands, so this is a good gesture to remind people of their heritage and traditions.
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    Rana Abdulalla, Tripoli Resident : We are proud with our old culture, where our mothers and grandmothers dressed when they went out to wedding or other events or else, so there is the White dress and the Paige dress, and the White dress for special events but the Paige dress is regular day out, and they have to hold it like this just showing one eye and seeing through it, and being shy from our men.
  3. soundbite (Arabic)
    Motasim Ali, Tripoli Resident : This reminds us of our heritage and our culture and our grandfathers, we are to be proud to show to other nations.