German Coalition Advisors Train Peshmerga

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B-roll of target practice and interviews with German trainers and Peshmerga trainees near Erbil.


  1. 0’00’’ MCU, Press Officer talking into camera. 0’40’’ EWS, Peshmerga walking through field 0’49’’ WS, German soldiers prepare shooting range. 1’00’’ CU, Press Officer talking into camera. 1’25’’ ECU, German baret 1’31’’ MS, a group of Peshmerga sit on a grassy hill. 1’37’’ MS, a group of Peshmerga stands up from a grassy hill and walks out of frame. 1’49’’ MS, coalition soldiers prepare target 1’55’’ MS, a nail gets hammered into a target. 2’06’’ MS, a wrench gets hammered into a wooden box. 2’11’’ CU, the wooden box opens and an ammunition box falls out. 2’19’’ CU, an ammunition box gets opened with a can opener. 2’25’’ Ammunition box with paper packages inside. 2’29’’ MS, ammunition gets handed out by coaltion to Peshmerga. 2’38’’ MS, magazines get organized into a wooden box. 2’44’’ MS, A Peshmerga takes magazines out of a box. 3’00’’ WS, a group of Peshmerga listens, German uniform in foreground 3’04’’ WS, a peshmerga sits on a hill with blue sky in back. 3’08’’ MS, a group of Peshmerga prepares, German and Dutch uniform in foreground. 3’13’’ MS, Captain Xelil waits with a magazine in hand. 3’21’’ CU, captain Xelil listens with shooting range in background. 3’25’’ MS, camera follows a peshmerga walking and shooting at a target 3’45’’ WS, Peshmerga walks away from camera whilst shooting at target 3’57’’ EWS, group of Peshmerga shooting at targets. 4’11’’ MS, a target wiht bulletholes. 4’18’’ MS, a target gets a new piece of paper glued onto it. 4’30’’ CU, Captain Xelil speaks with shooting range in background. 4’41’’ MS, Sergeant Abdullah Youness speaks with shooting range in background. 4’27’’ – 4’39’’ MS, Sergeant Abdullah Youness speaks 4’51’’ CU Sergeant A Y speaks 5’03’’ MS, Sergeant A Y speaks 5’49’’ CU, weapon of sergeant in his lap 5’52’’ MS, Sergeant Youness Abdullah with blue sky in background. 5’55’’ MS, Sergeant Youness Abdullah walks up a hill 5’59’’ MS, Media Officer speaks with trench in background. 6’31’’ WS, trench on hill 6’34’’ WS, Media Officer speaks next to trench 6’54’’ MS, Media oficer speaks next to trench, to CU of trench, to WS of Media Officer. 7’26’’ WS, Media Officer walks next to trench, speaking, to CU of trench, to WS of Media Officer 7’52’’ OTS, Colonel Baban with Media Officer. 6’11’’ – 7’04’’ MS, Media officer speaks with Peshmerga in background. 8’20’’ MS, Media Officer speaks with trench in foreground. 8’54’’ CU, Colonel Baban speaks with trench in background 9’02’’ MS, Media Officer stand in trench, speaks 9’36’’ MS, Media Officer jumps in trench 9’44’’ WS, Media Officer walks through trench. 9’53’’ CU, Media officer’s legs and feet walk through trench to MS of pick axe. 10’00’’ WS, Media Officer walks out of frame 10’05’’ WS, Media officer walks through trench seen from above. 10’19’’ WS, Media officer walks out of trench 10’27’’ – 11’21’’ MS, Media officer gives interview, Peshmerga in background


  1. soundbite (English)
    Jurgen Bredtman, Coalition Press Officer (German Bundeswehr): 0’00’’ – 0’038’’We got the information from one of the generals of the MOP (Ministry Of Peshmerga) that the platoons we trained in January are back at the frontline. They are doing a much more efficient job there than before, so even our test course, which as the name is saying was a test, how do we do it, where do we do it, where are the locations and what exactly should be part of this education. We did it and even in this test course the results are very good. 0’46’’ – 1’09’’ Just moving forward, geting nearer to an area or whatever, then surprisingly at each kind of distance there could be a, suprisingly, an enemy. So you have to move quickly, to target quickly and to shoot quickly. That is the task of this excercise here. 1’10’’ – 1’24’’ At the beginning of our training they would have shot one magazine on one target, maybe without hitting it. Now they use one or two shots and hit the target.
  2. soundbite (Kurdish)
    Xelil Abdullah Fatah, Peshmerga Captain: 4’30’’ – 4’40’’ The training is very, very good, and so are the German soldiers, they are very good to me. Before my shooting was good, but now it is even better.
  3. soundbite (Kurdish)
    Abdullah Yassin, Peshmerga Sergeant: 4’41’’ – 4’51’’ We were facing ISIS, I have fought in some battles, lost some friends, has some friends wounded. 4’51’’ – 5’03’’ When we are at the frontline we see a lot of IED’s. We will recognize them better now, and we’ll know how to deal with them. 5’03’’ – 5’13’’ Here they made similar IED’s to the IED’s ISIS makes, as an example. That’s very important to us, very usefull, so we can protect ourselves against them at the frontines. 5’13’’ – 5’22’’ After this training we will go back to the frontline. We will take back our new skills to the frontline and use them. 5’22’’ – 5’36’’ We will treat them (ISIS prisoners) as human beings. We will not treat them in the same way that they treat others. We will hand them over to the authorities. 5’25’’ – 5’48’’ I would like to thank all the trainers that came overhere to train and help us. We appreciate it a lot. Thanks.
  4. soundbite (English)
    Jurgen Bredtman, Coalition Press Officer (German Bundeswehr): 5’49’’ – 6’31’’ Okay, so you see the trench overthere, 200 – 300 meters this direction. That was the trench the Erbil inhabitans digged last year when ISIS was about 25 kilometer before Erbil. So they digged a two meter deep and two meter wide trench to secure the capital of Kurdistan here. It goes all around Erbil. 6’34’’ – 6’54’’ So this is a field fortification like it is trained in Germany like what it should look like. So it has some deep (parts), not everything in one line and we are able to walk, to move within this fortification. 6’55’’ – 7’26’’ It’s not a wall or a mountain to lie on, but it’s digged into the earth. Reason? If indirect fire is shot at you you can hide and cover, and even if artillery or mortar shoots behind us the danger is not as big as it would be if you lie just on the backside of a hill. 7’27’’ – 7’50’’ Not everything is into one line and it goes into the deep so we can cross fire. And even that is possible within this training area, there will be the possibility to shoot live fire from out of this new fortification.
  5. soundbite (German )
    Karwan Baban, Peshmerga Colonel: 7’51’’ – 8’06’’ Untill now the Kurds defend from something like that, a wall like that, but I think that is not right because the enemy can see us. But when you are in these they can’t see. 8’06’’ 8’16’’ At a wall like that, one mortar can kill 20 men. But here 20 men can’t be killed because it is (built) like this. A very, very good idea.
  6. soundbite (English)
    Jurgen Bredtman, Coalition Press Officer: 8’18’’ – 8’47’’ And, if you hide or defend out of such kind of fortification an enemy from the other side can’t see your silhouette against the sky because you are down. Yeah, if you lie on this kind of hill, and you watch over the hill, you can be seen from the other side against the silhouette of the bright sky, so you are much more easy to detect then.
  7. soundbite (German, English)
    Karwan Baban, Peshmerga colonel: 8’48’’ – 9’01’’ When it is ready, if we finish this, I think it is a good idea to bring more Peshmerga here to train. to show them, they can look at it.
  8. soundbite (English)
    Jurgen Bredtman, Coalition Press Officer: 9’02’’ – 9’36’’ They are used to defend in the mountains. Peshmerga live in the mountains and from history they are defending themselves in their natural area, that is the mountains. So now, fighting in áreas with 20 kilometers visibility or something like that, or even in urbain terrain, you need other tactics then. And they are not used to use other tactics because they did not need it, so now we train them. 10’28’’ – 11’15’’ We had, during an excercise in our urban training area, there was a shot that left the weapon of a Dutch trainer there, at the moment the scene is under investigation so I can’t tell you much, one Peshmerga guy was shot, the bullet went on one side into his body and on the other side out again, but it didn’t hurt any important organs there. The guy is in hospital, his family is with him and he will recover to one hundred percent the doctors told us, and so, yeah, we were lucky. 11’16’’ – 11’21’’ It was a training without live firing planned and the bullet was accidentally shot.