Iraqi Army and Shiite Militia Advance on ISIS in Tikrit

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March 9, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Iraqi Army soldiers and Shiite fighters that pledge allegiance to Ali al-Akbar, a Shiite militia fighting under the umbrella of The Iraqi Popular Army (Hashid Shaabi), advance on al-Dour, a village in southern Tikrit.

Video shows them at very close range using tanks, heavy artillery and automatic weapons to fire upon ISIS positions as they move north towards central Tikrit. In the latter half of the video, various militiamen describe their morale as optimal; their motivations as just; and their ability to wipe out ISIS in the name of Hussein, the Prophet and the latter’s family as very strong.


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Unnamed , Shiite Iraqi Militia Fighter: 02:04 – 02:38 “We are the heroes of the shrine of Hussein, from the Ali Akbar brigade, Dejeil Lions regiment. We are crushing ISIS fighters. We still have eight or nine kilometres to go. We are marching forward and will encircle the town of ad-Dawr, God willing. Interviewer: How is the morale of the young men who are fighting with you? It is high, very high. Thanks be to God. Interviewer: Are you well prepared? We are prepared for anything. We are the soldiers of the marja’iyya [office of Ayatollah Ali Sistani].”
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    Abu Karrar al-Zirgani, Shiite Iraqi Militia Fighter: 02:48 – 03:19 “Fighter Abu Karrar al-Zirgani, from Wasit. We ask God, by the virtue of Prophet Mohamad and his family, to grant us victory over ISIS and their allies. With the strength of these brave heroes, we shall crush the heads of ISIS fighters. ISIS shall not continue to exist! We are in the outskirts of ad-Dawr area, and, God willing, we shall crush them. We say to the Islamic World that these are the Shiite of [Imam] Ali Bi Taleb; these are the Iraqis. They are not deterred from worshiping God. We obey you, Ali!”
  3. soundbite (Arabic)
    Unnamed , Shiite Iraqi Militia Fighter: 03:20 – 03:47 “The situation is very good. Our morale is high, thanks to these heroes from the shrine of Hussein, the troops of Ali Akbar brigade. We are very joyful. It is like a wedding. We are here to liberate ad-Dawr area. From Abu Shawarib bridge all the way here – we have marched for 35 Km. God willing, we shall keep advancing.”