Iraqi Assyrians Denounce ISIS Transgression

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Opinions of Assyrians in Erbil, Iraq about the abduction of 150 Assyrians in Syria and the destruction of historical artifacts in Mosul.


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  8. 6’19’’ – 7’20’’ MS, Archbishop of Erbil speaks seated next to flags.
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  1. soundbite (English)
    Toufiq, Assyrian Christian: Toufiq Assyrian Christian 0:00 Its heartbreaking to see whats happening now in the middle east especially Syria and Iraq. And whats happening with the kidnapping and killing of christians and minority people and destroying all artifacts and the artifacts are about 7 to 8,000 years old. Its all about civilizations the people who are doing this are uncivilized people. 0:35 Im a Chaldean Assyrian my ancestors are born her we lived her for centuries we speak the old language the Babylonian langue the Assyrian Chaldean language. 0: 52 Its heartbreaking whats happening now innocent people being taken for no reasons. You can not explain it. It is unbelievable whats happening now the killing of innocent people just to score some political scores. 1:16 We were all crying we can not believe it you never know what will happen next who will be next. 1:30 No we are all from Ainkawa but most of my family lives overseas my cousins uncles, brothers, sisters live in Europe and America and canids just fleeing all atrocities that are happening in this area. 1:50 well whats happening in Mosul you can say thank god most of the artifact are being stored in safe places but whats happening now you cannot believe just because they think people are worshipping these artifacts but they are not worshiping them these are from the old civilization explaining and used for educating people. But they do not understand why they are destroying the artifacts and no one understand why they do it either. 2:40 We are constantly worried because we don’t know what is going to be next. They might attack us they have destroyed everything you can not trust them if they get closer all the people will flee and where will they go no one knows and how they will we survive no one knows. 3:06 I hope they will release them safely and they will return to their family and their villages and they live their lives in their villages.
  2. soundbite (English )
    Bashir Wirda, Archbishop in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq: Arch Bishop Bashir Wirda 6:19 Arch Bishop of Erbil the event came as a shock cause its sending a message to the Christians that we don’t want you and you do not have a place in this region. When you think of Christians they are not new comers to the area. They are the original people to the whole of this area and this history of these lands tell a lot about the Christians. It was really a shock but at the same time it hurt a lot and many are considered staying or leaving its not strange for them to seriously start thinking about staying or leaving. 7:20 You know its not just asking the people to leave but destroying the past thats the genocide thats the genocide when you destroy the history of the people its a complete genocide to complete the whole episode its not just the kidnapping the present and future but going back again and destroying the past thats the genocide. 7:45 We would like to assure them that they are in our prayers and we are really concerned about their live and will not spare any efforts to help in making this aware and spread the news about this situation so they are in our hearts.
  3. soundbite (Kurdish )
    Jam Faraj Naman, Assyrian Christian: 8:45 In my heart I am very sad more and more lately. The Christians haven’t committed any sin to deserve this 8:50 Christians do not have any power in Iraq and are helpless in the area more and more they are challenging the Christians here. 9:00 I haven’t any family or friends in Syria but we heard on the news that ISIS kidnapped the Assyrians and we felt terrible about it. 9:25 But we see everything happening to the Assyrians its crystal clear on television.