Syrian Refugees at Turkish Border

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Yayladagi, Turkey: March 9, 2012

Interview with Syrian refugees in a camp at the Turkish border.

These Syrian men claim they were forced to flee after they were shot by the Syrian army while protesting against the Assad regime. They speak about their escape to this refugee camp in the town of Yayladagi, on the Turkish border. One of the men speaks about his family in Syria and about his girlfriend who he dreams of marrying some day.

00:14 - 00: 27
They are raping women and killing them. In Homs, they (the Shibiha, Assad’s personal militia) killed 64 men, women and children by butchering them with knives.
00:36 - 00:40
If they give me weapons, I will go to Syria right away.
00:42- 01:00
Q:Are the Alawites participating in the fighting?
A:Yes, they are recruiting civilians for security forces to kill Sunni people.
01:01 - 01:05
They want to turn the conflict into a sectarian issue, but we are not going to do it. They want to kill us.
01:07 - 01:09
My family is in Syria. I am not married.
Who can live under the bombs?
01:20 – 01:21
Q:Are you in contact with them?
01:22 - 01:26
Our village is on the border of Turkey.
01:27 -01:30
Can them come visit you?
01:31- 01:34
A:No they cannot, the army is planting mines on the border.
01:36 - 01:46
Q:When you go back to Syria, will you get married?
A:No, they are killing us now.
01:50 - 01:54
A:Yes I wish to get married and get back to my life.
01:55 - 02:06
Q:What do you think if Bashar leaves?
A:Our life would be better.
02:20 - 02:30
Q:What would you tell Bashar if you ever met him?
A:If I meet him I will say we do not like you, leave us.
02:31 - 03:01
Q:How do you feel when you watch the news?
A:I feel sad and broken, no country is on our side. Israel is the little son of Bashar, what I mean is that they are in each other’s embrace. Israel is the little daughter of Bashar.
03:02 – 03:11
Q:What about your accommodation?
A:Turkey is taking care of us.
03:12 - 03: 24
Q:Is there any aid coming from abroad?
A:I don't know. I have only been here for a few days yet. People here know more.
03:26 - 03:40
We don't like Russia and its imperialism. Iran, China and Russia are selling the Syrian blood.
03:41 - 04:02
On T.V Tayyip Erdogan said that he is ready to welcome 100,000 Syrian refugees in turkey.
We are 10,000 now and there are people missing and no one can help us.
04:19 - 04:26
A week ago my family came over from Syria but there is not enough tents. They are going from tents to tents to find a place to sleep.
04:28 - 04:39
Some people are getting married here because they could not while in Syria.
Bashar took our money. He stole it.
05:28 -05:54
The wound was bigger and you could see the bone. They took a piece from here (thigh) and put it there.

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