Lebanese Snowstorm Adds to Misery of Syrian Refugees

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Format mpeg4, Bitrate 13.706 mbps

Set largely against a bleak grey sky, this video sheds light on the rough conditions in which many are forced to spend the winter months in Ersal, a northern Lebanese town with a large population of Syrian refugees that's long since been troubled with spillover from the civil war next door. The scene of major clashes between the Lebanese government and Al-Nusra/ISIS in August 2014, the video reveals the town's struggles to cope with harsh winter conditions such as strong wind and snow storms.


  1. R-L Pan of the town of Ersal, and the refugee camp.
  2. Wide/Zoom out of Ersal and the snow on the mountains
  3. Moving shot of Ersal
  4. Wide shots of people walking in and out of the tents in the refugee camp while it is snowing
  5. Wide shot of a group of people in the street while it is snowing
  6. Wide/Zoom out of tents of the refugee camp
  7. R/L pan of the refugee camp
  8. Wide of a truck that carries vegetables
  9. Wide various shots of the road and cars
  10. Close-up of tents.
  11. Wide of refugee camp as it snows
  12. Wide of the road by the refugee camp
  13. Wide of the road and people walking in the street
  14. Wide/Zoom in of children digging by the tents of the refugee camp
  15. Moving shot of children carrying bags of bread and returning to the camp
  16. Wide/Zoom in of the street and a man riding a motorcycle while it snows