Civilians Killed in Kramatorsk Shelling

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Kramatorsk was the scene of heavy shelling and rocket attacks, according to Ukrainian President Poroshenko from pro-Russian rebels, on February 10. The shelling killed twelve civilians and wounded more than 30.

Just days ahead of peace talks scheduled to take place in Minsk, pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces saw another round of heavy clashes. Both sides claim to have made gains during the battles.


  1. 00.00 Cars damaged by shelling in residential area
  2. 00.05 People walking around shelled block
  3. 00.11 Broken windows
  4. 00.16 Soundbite: Young boy
  5. 00.30 Dead body wide
  6. 00.37 Dead body close up
  7. 00.41 Pieces of shells inside residential area, garages community
  8. 00.48 Soldiers are working to clean up the area from rockets that could still have explosives inside
  9. 00.56 Soldiers closer with shell tail on the background
  10. 01.02 Stills from the above mentioned spots


  1. soundbite (Russian)
    VOXPOP, 12 year-old, Kramatorsk resident: Shells started to fall and I heard the windows breaking. I called to my parents, they returned home and started packing.