Rough Cut: Peshmerga Recruit Bakhtiar on Kirkuk Front lines

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A day after going through coalition training and graduation, Bakhtiar goes to the frontlines to fight in the battle for Kirkuk. We follow him and get a closer look into his life as a Peshmerga soldier recently trained by Coalition advisors.


  1. 00'00''-00'32'' Car wheels spin in the mud. Bakhtiar steps into the car. . Close to wide, follow action.
  2. 00'32'' - 00'34'' Inside the car, Bakhtiar looks out of the window whilst driving. Medium shot.
  3. 00'34''-01'21'' Inside the car. Bakhtiar translates a song. Medium shot.
  4. 01'21'' -01'24'' Inside the car, imagery of scenery on the highway. Medium Shot.
  5. 01'24'' -01'50'' Bakhtiar speaks to the driver. Medium shot.
  6. 01'50'' -02'13'' Imagery shot from the car. Highway. Wide hot.
  7. 02'13''-02'25'' Driver of the car running through a muddy field. Wide Shot.
  8. 02'25'' -02'33'' Bakhtiar looks at bodies of IS militants and smoke in the distance (Mullah Abdullah town). Medium shot, follow action.
  9. 02'33'' - 02'40'' Close up of Bakhtiar speaking with IS bodies in the background.
  10. 02'40'' -03'04'' Close up of Bakhtiar speaking with IS bodies in the background.
  11. 03'04''-03'23'' Close up of Bakhtiar speaking. Empty field in the background.
  12. 03'23'' -03'49'' Bakhtiar speaking. Medium shot.
  13. 03'49'' -03'55'' Close up. Bakhtiar speaks and turns around to the sound of an explosion.
  14. 03'55'' -04'11'' Medium shot of Bakhtiar stepping into his car, to wide shot of ambulance passing by.
  15. 04'11'' -04'41'' Medium shot of Bakhtiar and driver in the car. Bakhtiar shows points of interest whilst driving.
  16. 04'41''-05'11'' Wide shot of the car parking at a checkpoint.
  17. 05'11'' -05'21'' Medium shot from watch tower to destroyed car.
  18. Under construction... 05'21'' -05'29''Close up.Bakhtayr look the frontline and tow peshmergas behand him. 05'29''- 05'46'' Medium shot and wide shot. frontline red lind btween peshmerga and ISIS. 05'46'' - 06'04'' Medium shot and Wide shot front line near Mulla Abdulla and Many car borun thera and Hamvee with weapon thera. 06'04'' -06'29'' Medium shot and Wide shot folow action. bakhtayr with same peshmerga going to red line. 06'29'' -06'33''Wide shot and folow action. sound of Pehsmerga fire. 06'33''-06'46'' Close up. Shoe of Peshmerga and shado of the weapon. 06'46'' -06'52''Close up and wide shot. red line peshmerga change fire with ISIS . 06'52''-07'20'' Medium shot and tile up close up 2 Peshmergas kick ISIS body. 07'20'' -07'26''Medium shot.Peshmerga with Weapon in the red line. 07'26''-07'33'' Black fade.Sound of F16 and Peshmergas taking together . 07'33'' -07'43'' Close up and Pan right . face of Peshmerga with Sinpr and he is point to F16 when attack Mulla Abdulla village. 07'43'' -07'54'' Wide shot. F16 Movment on the Blue Sky of Mulla Abdulla village 20 Km away Kirkuk city. 07'54'' -08'01''Wide shot. Smok over Mulla Abdulla village and F16 attack Thera. 08'01''-08'07'' Wide shot and tile up.F16 attack front line. 08'07'' -08'13'' Wide shot. Smok in the village of mulla Abdulla. 08'13'' -08'18'' Medium Shot. Peshmergas with germany Weapon and thay look the front line. 08'18'' -08'20'' Wide Shot.Peshmergas take the time to fight. 08'20'' -08'27'' Wide Shot. Peshmerga say do not go the IED on the way and F16 attack area. 08'27'' -08'32'' Wide shot when the IED explosion. 08'32'' -08'47'' Close up. Heades of Peshmergas. 08'47'' -08'50''Black feda. Sound of Bakhtyar. 08'50''-08'57'' Close Up. Bakhtyar.


  1. soundbite (Dutch, English, Kurdish)
    Bakhtiar, Coalition trained Peshmerga: 0´14´´-0´16´´ Two of you sit here, two of you sit there. Yeah? 0´31´´-0´33´´ Now it´s really going to happen, he says. 0´34´´-0´45´´ Jalawla is a city that we liberated a while ago. It had been occupied by IS since the start. 0´48´´- 0´57´´ (Translating song) From this momento onwards everyone is a Peshmerga. We are headed to Jalawla. That´s what he sings… This is a repetition (of what he just sang). 1´01´´-1´21´´ (Still translating song) We will make IS lives miserable, we will be feared, something like that. That´s what the song is about. And more singing… (The original song can be found in the B-roll, free of rights). 1’24 – 1’49´ They want to come with you. How do we drive. So when we pass here we arrive at Makhteb Khalid and we turn right? So we turn right and get to Makhteb Khalid? 1´50´´2´03´ The rest is headed in the other direction, we took the wrong turn. They were headed for the fight and we took the wrong road, he said. We have to head that way. You see the fighting overthere? We have to head that way because that´s where they went. 2´03´´-2´15´´ There was fighting here yesterday, and those bodies from IS, they´re all still here. 2´16´´- 2´23´´ Oh man, there was heavy fighing here yesterday. Heavy fighting. 2´32´´- 2´36´´ About 23, 23 ISIS. 2´42´´ - 2´48´´ Who does something like that? I also think they´re pitiful. I mean, they´re still human. They do stay …. 2´50´´- 3´03´´ But… I don´t know. Who does something like this? When you live in London, what do you do here, in the mud? Being killed in the mud. Just enjoy life in London! 3´04´´- 3´21´If you take those pills you go crazy, you loose it. They take pills like that. Maybe you can see them (on their bodies). Let´s see… I can´t touch them, they could just explode. 3´22´´- 3´34´´ I mean, they can just take advantage of them. For example their leaders, very highly educated, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. So he can just take advantage of these (IS) people, with his beautiful words. 3´35´´- 3´48´ I mean, I feal really sorry for them. Because they, I think they did not get help, from people around them, wherever they came from. 3´49´´- 4´11´ I mean, they have gone crazy because of an imam, but he takes advantage of them, understand? Maybe, if someone had supported them at the right moment, they would not have done something like this. They end their life without reason. What is their goal, I just don´t understand. (Sound of explosión and gunfire in background). 4´12´´- 4´21´´ That´s an ambulance, it takes, look…. It takes the wounded. There´s another one. 4´28´´ Will we leave? 4´29´´- 4´37´´ Here it was a bit difficult, because they had coverage in houses and… Well, they were well covered. 4´41´´ - 4´46´´ Here it was extremely difficult yesterday. From this side to the other side there was fighting. 4´50´´ - 5´10´ Here we are, here there´s active fighting. You see that? They´re fighting now. With snipers, with PK machine guns. Stop here, it´s safe. Stop here, stop here. Here you can see it… 5´20´´- 5´27´´ This flag, the flag was here and I took it. So… 5’35´ – 5’45´´ Bakhtiar: ‘They burned the shovel?´ They burned everything and we took two Toyota pick-ups with Doshka anti-aircraft machine guns from IS.’ Bakhtiar: When? Today Bakhtiar: Where? Overhere and there, we took two burned 4-wheel drives with Doshka anti-aircraft machine guns. Bakhtiar: You went there? Yes we went there and hunted for IS. 5´46´´ - 5´58´´ There was an attack by air. They got air support. Do you see the bridge overthere? The bridge was attacked by coalition jets. 6´05´´- 6´12´´ We´ll check with binoculars if we can see someone (IS). Come on, come on. 6’16 – 6´24´ There is no one there. B: ‘You went there?’ Yes we did. B: Okay, let’s go. In the distance… God, there’s nothing there man. 6´38´´ Get out of my way! 6´46´´ 07´16´´ This is a woman´s blood. She had been kidnapped by IS a while ago. And what they did to here, well, rape and things like that. They just use women. This women yesterday, she was also shot to death, so we took her for identification, to find out where she came from. 7’38 (Audio only) Brother, it’s a European F16. F16 F16. 8’27’’ Don’t go any further, IED’s! Mines and airstrikes. 8’33 Open the door. Open the door. 8’39 Get out of the way, get away. 8’40 The pieces bounce on my helmet. What about the car? 8´50´´ What they will think, what my boss will think is: He´s only occupied with journalists, he´s not coming. So we are going forward, you stay behind, but we will stay in contact, you understand?