Houthis Rally Against Yemen Political Deadlock

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Thousands of Shi'ite Muslim Houthis staged a rally in the capital Sana'a on February 2nd to show solidarity with the Houthi movement's decision to grant Yemen's political factions a three day ultimatum to pull the nation out of its political vacuum.

The protesters said political factions have only two days left to reach an agreement, otherwise the Houthi leadership would take matters into his own hands and form a presidential committee to govern Yemen for an interim period.

(Arabic) Munthir al Asbahi, Revolutionary Youth Leader
“We the revolutionaries and the free people of Yemen declare our support and solidarity for all of the decisions made by the expanded national conference which occurred yesterday”

(Arabic) Amer Muhsun Khalil, Demonstrator “We came out today in solidarity with the resolutions of the expanded national conference and to answer the call of the leader of the Quranic demonstration, Sayyid Abd al-Malek al-Houthi, may God protect him. We came out today to also show support for the decisions he made and to give him full authority to lead the nation out of the current situation which we are living in”