Coalition Peshmerga Training: Interviews with Recruits

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Interviews with three recruites who were trained by coalition forces. Interviews conducted on 28 January 2015, after the military graduation ceremony.


  1. soundbite (Kurdish)
    Samir , Peshmarga : 0´00´´-0´38´ Recruit Samir: My name is Samir. I am a Peshmerga. It (the training) was very good, we thank them for learning a lot. It made a big difference. There were many things we did not know, like how to recognize IEDs. This training is more extensive. 0´50´´-0´58´ After the training we will go back to our unit and share our knowledge with the Peshmerga that did not receive this training. 1´10´´-1´23´´ This is going to make a big difference for Kurdistan. We can put a well organized army opposite our enemies and we Kurds do have a lot of enemies. 1´38´´-1´56´ God willing we will be a free country. We are not a violent people but we do want our own country. The countries that surround us have always oppressed us and that is what we do not want anymore. 2´09´-2´29´´ The Kurds are always ready to help the oppressed and right now we are facing IS and defend our country. But we are not only defending our own country, we are defending the west and the rest of the world. 2´42´-3´05´´ I would like to thank the Dutch people, the Dutch military, the Dutch King and Queen and especially the army that came here to train us. Thank you. 3´06´´-3´17´´ B-roll of Samir.
  2. soundbite (Dutch)
    Bakhtiar, Peshmarga: 3´24-3´57´ Recruit Bakhtiar: I liked it a lot (the training). Today was the last day. A beautiful ending. Some speeches by the officers of the Dutch Ministry of Defense and the Peshmerga Ministry of Defense. It was nice, we also got certificates and it was nice. 3´59´´4´20´ We are ready for it now. We can go to the battlefields, so it´s starting now. So we get sent to the battlefields, that´s the idea. 4´20´´4´42 What I hope, it´s not only what I hope but what we all want, is to end this terrorism. To end this dangerous terror. So that´s the idea, and we are ready for it. 4´44´-5`16´ I mean, at this momento, they (the coalition forces) are only training us. We can see them as advisors at this moment. But I hope they will partake, like what we do, fight against IS. So I hope to see the Dutch whilst fighting IS. Kill them together. 5´17´´-8´00´ B-roll, Nat. Sound. Bakhtiar. See shotlist. 5´30-5´35 Today is ceremony day. Our last day here. 5´45-5´55 I am shaving. Yup, this was it. 7´10´´-7´20´´ One two three. Bravo Peshmerga!
  3. soundbite (Kurdish)
    Ayoub: 8´06´´-8´14´´ Recruit Ayoub: This certificate is to show that we succeeded in our 4 week training with the Dutch. 8´20´-8´29´´ It was very nice, if Kurdistan did not need me right now I would have wished for this training to last a year. 8´40´´- 8´48´´ I would like to thank our Dutch trainers and the coalition who came here in times of hardship to support us. 8´55´´- Onwards, B-roll. Nat Sound. Recruit Ayoub