Coalition Peshmerga Training: Close Combat Exercise

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Peshmarga training excercise in urban warfare, led by a coalition of Dutch, English, German and American forces.


  1. 00'00''-00'07'' Following action shot to wide shot of Dutch trainer flag on soldier's arm and Peshmerga troops in the building.
  2. 00'07'' -00'08'' Close up headshot of Dutch trainer.
  3. 00'08''-00'14'' Medium shot of Peshmerga aims his AK towards camera .
  4. 00'14''-00'20'' Close up headshot of Dutch trainer.
  5. 00'20''-00'26'' Medium shot of Peshmerga carrying a wounded individual.
  6. 00'26''-00'38'' Close up headshot of Dutch trainer.
  7. 00'38''-00'44'' Medium shot of Peshmergas walking down the stairs.
  8. 00'44'' -00'49'' Medium shot of Peshmergas around the building.
  9. 00'49''-00'53'' Pan left and wide shot of Peshmergas in a riverbed.
  10. 00'53''-00'59'' Medium shot and pan left of Peshmerga troops with weapons.
  11. 00'59''-01'22'' Medium wide shot and pan left, medium shot of Peshmerga running between riverbed being followed by other Peshmerga.


  1. soundbite (Dutch)
    Roel, Dutch Marines: 0’00’’-0’20’’ What you see here is the Peshmerga got an assignment. There is enemy in this house and their task is to secure this house. The peshmerga attacked the house and now they are securing this house to use it as a base for further operations. 0’21’’-0’45’’ What we see is they enter with basic skills and knowledge. The unit you see now are at the end of their training and you see their level has gone up fairly well and that the necessary drills and skills have improved. 0’48’’-1’02’’ The background of their participation in the fight is that they are Kurdish, they support Kurdistan. That is what we know about it, but they surely will have their own reasons as well. 1’03’’-1’20’’ They vary from young guys to men of age, but they are all very enthusiastic and show enormous effort in learning and participating in the training.