Coalition Peshmerga Training: Graduation Speech by Coalition Commander

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On January 28th 2015 the first group of Peshmerga trained by the Dutch military forces finished their course. After a four week training the commander of the Dutch allied forces gives a speech to 40 recrutes that have finished their training and are now ready to fight with the Peshmerga to defend Kurdistan against the Islamic State.


  1. 0'00''-0'15'' Wide to close. Recruits marching towards the Peshmerga Hall.
  2. 0'15''-0'19'' Wide shot. Recruits standing in formation in front of Peshmerga Hall.
  3. 0'19''-0'24'' Wide. Recruits enter Peshmerga Hall.
  4. 0'24''-0'29'' Close Up. Boots of recruits standing in formation.
  5. 0'29''-0'35'' Medium. Face of recruit listening to speech.
  6. 0'35''-0'43'' Wide. Commander speeches with two recruits listening on foreground.
  7. 0'43''-0'47'' Medium Wide. Commander, face blurred, speeching.
  8. 0'47''-0'55'' Wide. Recruits listening to speech.
  9. 0'55''-01'04'' Medium Wide. Commander, face blurred, speeching.
  10. 01'04''-01'15'' Wide. Commander speeching with boots on foreground.
  11. 01'15''-01'21'' Medium wide. Pan right to left. Kurdish commanders listening to spee
  12. 01'21''-01'24'' Medium Wide. Commander, face blurred, speeching.
  13. 01'24''-01'29'' Wide. Commander speeches with two recruits listening on foreground.
  14. 01'29''-01'36'' Wide Shot. Commander speeching.
  15. 01'36''-01'44'' Medium wide. Commander, face blurred, saluting the recruits.


  1. soundbite (English)
    Anonymous, Commander Dutch Coalition Forces in Iraq: 15’’ - 20’’ Generals, fellow soldiers, Peshmergas, it is an honor for me to stand here in front of you. 20’’ – 28’’ Today is the end of the four week infantry course, four weeks in which you had to work very hard. 28’’ -34’’ It is also the end of the three week course in which some of you learned to operate on German weapon systems. 34’’– 46’’ For three or four weeks, instructors from Great Britain, The Netherlands and Germany worked together with you to improve your skills and to make you even better fighters. 47’’ – 1’03’’ In rain, sunshine and even with some snow, you went out to train and fire your weapons and our instructors were impressed with your enthusiasm, your discipline and your willingness to learn and the way you picked up everything quickly. 1’04’’ – 1’26’’ And we knew the Peshmerga are fierce and brave fighters, but now you’re even better. But let’s not forget the people that are not here today. The families that let us use their homes to train how to fight in urban terrain. The shepherds and farmers who were asked to give up their land so we could train overthere. 1’27’’ – 1’44’’ I would again like to express our respect to you, the young Peshmerga who are standing in front of us. It is you who are tasked to fight Daesh and defend freedom. It is an honor for all of us to support you in this fight. And I salute you for this.