Weapons Training for Pakistan Teachers

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In the morning on Dec 16, 2014 six Taliban fighters entered Peshawar’s Army Public School under orders to let the youngest children leave and to kill everyone else. The killing spree took the lives of 141 people, among them 132 children. Pakistani military retook control of the school after hours of fighting, saying that all nine insurgents were dead.

After the Peshawar school attack, the Pakistani government has decided to train school teachers to operate handguns, as well as Kalashnikov rifles, for their own safety and the protection of students.


  1. 0:00 - 0:16 : An instructor shows teachers from the Army Public School weapons and ammunition
  2. 00:16 - 00:42 : Teachers practice handling pistols, following the instructor's instructions.
  3. 00:43 - 00:50 : Weapons on the table
  4. 00:51 - 2:22 : Various practicing sessions of weapons


  1. soundbite (Urdu)
    Police Officer: 2:23 - 3:27 : After the attack by militants on the Peshawar Army Public School, on the special instructions of the Government and of Police administrators, we have started training school teachers, senior students who are proctors, and others to know how to deal with emergency situations.
  2. soundbite (Urdu)
    Weapons Instructor: 3:28 - 3:49 : This will continue for the whole week, and we are initially training them how to operate the pistol and the Kalashnikov so that in case of any incident in the future, they will be able to defend themselves.
  3. soundbite (Urdu)
    Teacher: 3:50 - 4:29 : This training is just for self-defense. There are many teachers who are interested in taking this to be able to defend themselves if there will be any kind of incident like this in the future.
  4. soundbite (Urdu)
    Teacher: 4:30 - 5:01 : Thanks to the militants, after the 16th of December, the Pakistani nation is united. The incident has woken us, and now we are combating with them pens in one hand and weapons on the other. Now, we have no other solution but to face them with strength.