Aftermath of Benghazi Clashes

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Created by Mohammad Salama

Libya 18 Jan 2015

Format mpeg4, Bitrate 11.562 mbps

January 19, 2015
Benghazi, Libya

Exclusive video shows the aftermath of fighting between Islamic rebels and army forces loyal to the Tobruk government. The clashes have been ongoing in the strategic area of downtown Benghazi for over two months. 'Daraa Libya' and other Islamist militias are still controlling the port of Benghazi and the headquarters of Libya's central bank which are located in downtown Benghazi and make it strategically desirable.


Walid Shamiya, Army soldier, (man, Arabic)

(00:39-01:05) "Things are moving faster, and there is progress. You will hear about it today, hopefully, at sunset, we are progressing. These are their final days, in the same way it was Qaddafi's final days. Now it is their final days. Libya will become clean and free of terrorism."