Peshawar Demonstrators in Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo Attackers

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A group of Sunni clerics protested today in Peshawar, Pakistan against the Charlie Hebdo magazine and praised the two brothers who killed 11 of its employees and a police officer on 7 January in Paris. They also held a prayer ceremony for the killers and praised the attackers' actions, saying Said and Cherif Kouachi delivered justice against the cartoonists who disrespected the Holy Prophet Muhammad. The clerics made a clear distinction between the recent Taliban attack on the Peshawar Army School, which they wholly condemned, and this latest attack saying that the gunmen in Paris were justified in their killings because of the blasphemy committed by Charlie Hebdo.


  1. - Protesters carrying play card and banners written with slogans against the Charlie Hebdo.
  2. - Raising slogans against the Charlie Hebdo and paying tribute to the killers.
  3. - People chanting: "Hebdo Publishers go down, Hebdo Publishers go down"
  4. - 1: 02 to 1:31: Funeral Islamic prayer


  1. soundbite (Punjabi)
    Pir Muhammad Chisti, Islamic cleric: 1: 34 -- We raise our hands in prayer to those who are martyrs now after killing the Prophet's enemies, who mocked him by making these cartoons.
  2. soundbite (Urdu)
    Aurangzeb, Islamic cleric: 1: 59 -- We pay tribute and homage to those who killed the cartoonists in Paris who mocked our Holy Prophet Muhammad. Because they sent them to hell, we arrange this funeral prayer in the memory of those heroes.