ISIS in Syria: An Inside Look (Part 1)

5 more in collection Leaked Footage from ISIS Defector

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NOTE: The video clips in this collection were obtained by Transterra Media from a source who received it from a member of ISIS who defected from the group. According to the source the videos were recorded in the town of Zir and other locations in Syria between January and June, 2014.
Transterra Media cannot independently verify the accuracy of this content. The appearance of this video on the Transterra Media (TTM) website does not in any way constitute endorsement by TTM of any claims or statements made in the video.

This video shows ISIS fighters carrying out different activities in Deir ez-Zur province, Syria.
Fighters appear shooting, rigging a car with explosives, crossing a river to fight government forces in the Deir ez-Zur air base, and calling on others to join them in jihad.