Leaked Footage from ISIS Defector (Highlights)

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NOTE: The video clips in this collection were obtained by Transterra Media from a source who received it from a member of ISIS who defected from the group. According to the source the videos were recorded in the town of Zir and other locations in Syria between January and June, 2014.

Transterra Media cannot independently verify the accuracy of this content. The appearance of this video on the Transterra Media (TTM) website does not in any way constitute endorsement by TTM of any claims or statements made in the video.

This video shows part of a meeting between a Saudi ISIS leader known as sheikh Abu Abdulla Daigham and tribal leaders and residents from the village of Zir, Deir al-Zor province.

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Sheikh Daigham, a Saudi ISIS leader
“You see, if every bandit was killed, by God, this will set an example for the people. ‘[In Raqqa] all punishments are applied, by God almighty’s grace.
“A drunken man would be flogged, as well as an adulterer... and the sorcerer would be killed. All punishments are applied. “Thanks be to God, we have two courts of law; one is dedicated to resolving issues among the people. It includes four judges and deals with issues of inheritance, divorce and similar issues, as well as land ownership – it deals with matters among the people. “We have another court that arbitrates between the people and the [Islamic] State. Whoever has a complaint against the State could present it before this court.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Sheikh Daigham, a Saudi ISIS leader
“A civil state, in people from different affiliations could live together…. Christians, Jews, Druze… all people could coexist and be equal in the homeland. God forbid! This is the apogee of unbelief! This means that the entire country would be for everyone. No! The Prophet peace be upon said: He who changes his religion, kill him. “A Druze should say ‘I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammad is the Allah’s messenger” and pray and fast, otherwise we kill him. “A Christian should either embrace Islam or pay the jizya [tax imposed on non-Muslims]. Otherwise, I would battle him.”

This is part of a video that features a group of ISIS fighters in an unnamed location believed to be on Euphrates river in Deir ez-Zur Province. The group is led by a young commander from the village of Zir in Deir ez-Zur province, known by the alias Abu Dujana.

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Abu Dujana, ISIS military commander
“God is greatest! The crocodiles are here.” Unseen fighter: “Come! Come! Abu Dujana!
“This is the crocodile group. They shall break the Alawites’ shield in Hawiqa [where regime-held air base is located], their last bastion. They have nothing left. They are under siege. Our brothers have laid siege on them. We will help our Muslim brothers. We all are all brothers. All believers are brothers! God is greatest!”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man), Sheikh Daigham, ISIS official
“I have seen young men in Syria, in Sham… I asked them, saying: what do you think of Christians, he they said: I do not know. “You do not know?! You do not know?! Christians say that Issa [Jesus] is the son of God.” 02:19
Various shots of ISIS fighters believed to be Saudi firing sniper shots
SOUNDBITE (Arabic, conversation between fighters)

  • Did you see him? Fire at him

  • No, I did not see him.

  • I am relieved

  • Are you sure?

  • I saw the flag.

  • The flag? How did you see the flag?

Part of a video that shows a group of fighters, most of whom say they are from Saudi Arabia, inviting others to go to Syria and join them in jihad. This video was stored on a memory card that belonged to a Saudi ISIS fighter in Syria known as Abu Saadiya. It was obtained by Transterra Media through a third party without the fighter’s consent.
The exact location and date where the video was shot are unknown.

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Abu Thabet
“I call on all of my brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join jihad come to Sham [Syria].”

Unseen man: “Tell them that jihad is a duty and not optional.”
Abu Thabet: “Jihad is a duty not optional.”
Unseen man: “…and that our brothers in Syria need us to come here... something like that”

Fighter wearing black bonnet: “Takbir” [Invitation to say “God is greatest”]

-God is greatest!


-God is greatest!







This is part of a video that features ISIS fighters rigging a vehicle with large improvised explosive devices. The main speaker in the video is believed to be Abu Dujana, a young ISIS military commander from the village of Zir in Deir ez-Zur province, believed to be appointed by the group as an emir, or ruler, of his village.
This explosive-rigged vehicle is believed to have been used in June 2014 in a suicide attack against leaders of Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham, two Islamist groups that are against ISIS. The speaker says that the vehicle will be used to avenge two commanders in Raqqa who were reportedly killed in January 2014.

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Fighter believed to be Abu Dujana, an ISIS military commander
“Go slowly, brother. God is greatest! The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, the Province of the Good [name given to Deir ez-Zur] is preparing the ‘Land Mig’ to attack [Ahrar?] al-Sham. They aggressors who killed our brothers. This ‘Land Mig’ will avenge [the death of] our brother Abu Baker al-Tounisi and Abu Rayyan al-Jazrawi, God willing. Your blood will not go to waste, with God almighty’s will.” “God is greatest!”