IOM Provides Household Items to Iraqi Refugees

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December 16, 2014
Suleimaniya, Iraq

The International Organization for Migration, IOM, distributes blankets and mattresses among the refugees in Suleimaniya, North-East of Baghdad.
The refugees who fled their homes in Nineveh and Salahuddine after several attacks by ISIS, are complaining about not receiving the money they were promised by the Iraqi government.


(00:22-00:32) Saleh, Refugee (Man, Arabic): "Today, and in front of you we will be receiving the aid that involves basic furniture for each refugee."

(00:32-00:41) Um Nasser, Refugee (Woman, Arabic): The government only gave us 500 Dinars, we were promised to receive a million, and the government only gave us 500 Dinars."

Interviewer: "why, what is the reason?"

Um Nasser: "Maybe the government stole it."

(01:17-01:44) Adel, Refugee (Man, Arabic): "We do not have oil, we do not have food, neither there nor here. What is our destiny. On the news we hear that the government received 500 billion, aid from other countries. Why don't they distribute it among us. Aren't we Iraqis. If they do not want us they should tell us to go and leave the country for the politicians."