Stuck in the Mud Near Ramadi

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December 17, 2014
Anbar, Iraq

Hundreds on Iraqi drivers are stuck in their cars on a muddy road near Ramadi in Anbar Province west of Baghdad.
The Iraqi army closed the main highway between Ramadi and the Sajariya district east of the city for security reasons, forcing drivers to use an alternate unpaved road.
Several days of heavy rain turned the road to mud, causing cars to become stuck and creating a long traffic jam. Employees have been unable get to work and refugees from areas where there is fighting have been stuck in their cars on the road for more than 24 hours.
The Iraqi army and Sunni tribal fighters launched an offensive in late November 2014 to drive ISIS militants out of the Sajariya area, which is under partial control of the group.

(02:41-03:24) Ossama, Employee (man, Arabic):

"We have been stuck for two days, we cannot cross over to go to work. The main road is blocked by the army, for protection purposes, because the security situation is unstable. This road, as you can see here, is not useful. This area has been occupied for over a month by three or four people of those who want to create an Islamic state. We do not want your Islamic state; we do not want this type of Islam. They should come see the families and the women who are tripping and falling in the mud since yesterday, and people cannot even get to their workplaces."

(03:25-03:38) Ibrahim, Refugee from Ramadi (man, Arabic):

"People are fleeing, going back and forth and the roads are blocked. Nobody is able to leave this area, in all this mud. Even if someone needs to transport a sick person or do something urgent, he cannot cross over."