Pakistan: Deadly Taliban Attack on Peshawar School

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In the morning on Dec 16, 2014 six Taliban fighters entered Peshawar’s Army Public School under orders to let the youngest children leave and to kill everyone else. The killing spree took the lives of 141 people, among them 132 children. Pakistani military retook control of the school after hours of fighting, saying that all nine insurgents were dead.


  1. 1. Various shots of the area around the school controlled by Pakistani military, shots of children being evacuated, rejoining their parents in tears (0 to 2:10 sec)
  2. 2. Various shots of Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, dead bodies being covered, crowded scenes inside the hospital where injured children are being treated, the public in the hospital is devastated by the attack (2:10 sec to 3:03 sec)


  1. soundbite (Urdu)
    Aizaz Khan, Student: (3:03 sec to 3:25sec) They (school staff) sent out us from school towards the safe side. Then an army officer came and told us go out from the school from the back gate.
  2. soundbite (Urdu)
    Ahssan Mukhtiar, Student: ( 3:25 sec to 3:43 sec) We were taking an exam, then we heard the sound of firing. Our teacher told us to lay down on the floor. After one hour, the army came and rescued us. When we came out we slowly found our friends’ dead bodies and injured students. They had been shot in the head, chest and shoulder.”
  3. soundbite (Urdu)
    Ayesha Aulalaly, Member of Pakistan’s National Assembly: (3:43 sec to 4:16 sec) At this time, terrorists are present in administration block. We condemn this incident. Our children have martyred in this incident. It is very brutal act [committed] today, and we condemn it, and we are with martyrs’ families.
  4. soundbite (Urdu)
    Jalil Jan, Provincial information secretary: ( 4:16 sec to 4:53 sec) After this big incident, I think the provincial government has totally failed. This incident happened in an area which has tight security. They played a blood game with innocent children's lives, children [who] came here for education. Armed people came and shot them, but the government has no strategy.