Iraqi Troops Counterattack ISIS

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December 16, 2014
Anbar, Iraq

Iraqi security forces repelled an ISIS attack on Ramadi city center, in the Anbar province in Iraq. The special counter terrorist unit then launched a counterattack on ISIS locations in the the center of the city, with the support of fighters from local Sunni tribes.

According to a local security source, who refused to give his name, the attack caused the death of 13 ISIS fighters. In addition, the Iraqi forces seized light and heavy munitions, along with seven ISIS fighters who surrendered to the police during the conflict.

Over the past year Iraqi armed forces, with the support of Sunni tribal fighters, have been battling ISIS militants in many areas of the majority Sunni province of Anbar, in an attempt to regain control over the area.


Amer al-obeidi, Lieutenant, (Man, Arabic):

(01:33-01:59) "The attack was blocked, and our groups moved forward towards the area. In the upcoming days, the whole area will be wiped out. There is cooperation between the security forces and the army forces. We are ready to clean all the areas of remaining members of ISIS."

Ahmed al-Fahdawi, Field Commander, (Man, Arabic):

(02:00-02:14) "We are ready to fight ISIS and all the terrorist organizations that are pushing against us from the outside. We are hanging in here and we do not need anything, we only need the tribes because our strength lies in our cooperation with the tribes."