Iraqi Army Takes Down ISIS Flag in Diyala

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December 13, 2014
Muqdadiyah, Diyala, Iraq

Iraqi Army soldiers gain important ground in Muqdadiyah, a city in the Diyala governorate of Iraq, 80km northeast of Baghdad. The Iraqi troops were able to liberate several northern villages and capture ISIS bases and artillery after days of heavy clashes.

Over 100 families escaped from the Muqdadiya city, after several public executions by ISIS at the end of September. ISIS took control over the northern villages of Muqdadiyah, in mid August 2014, and turned them into a stronghold from which they controlled much of the Diyala province.


Army Commander, (man, Arabic):
(00:21-01:00) "There was an operation that lead to the death of 12 ISIS members. We also took their weapons and injured almost 20 of them. This operation was carried out by the SWAT team and popular armed forces. The upcoming operations will liberate the areas of Sensel, Hinbesh, al-Ali, and al-Tayha. This next operation will be very soon."