ISIS Execution in Deir Ezzor

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Deir Ezzor Province, Syria

December 5, 2014

This video shows a man’s public execution carried out by ISIS in the province of Deir Ezzor.

According to the verdict read by an ISIS fighter before the execution, Mohammad Mousa al-Jasem confessed to stepping on the Quran during a quarrel with his parents.
The man was executed because “he stepped on the Quran, not because he hit his mother,” the fighter says to bystanders.

Shot List

  1. Various of public execution.

2 .SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Unnamed ISIS fighter with covered face reading execution verdict

“He stepped on God’s Book [the Quran]. He took a knife and wanted to slip his mother’s throat. God’s verdict [has been taken] by the Islamic Court. The so-called Mohammad Mousa al-Jassem confessed that, [during] a quarrel with his mother and father, he beat them and tried to kill [his mother] by placing a knife on her throat.

“She held God’s Book to deter him, but he took the Book, threw it and stepped on it and cursed God almighty.

“We shall implement God’s verdict, not because he beat his mother, but because he stepped on God’s Book.

[reading a verse from the Quran] And if you ask them, they will surely say, “‘We were only conversing and playing. Say, ‘Is it Allah and His verses and His Messenger that you were mocking?’

“‘Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after your belief. If We pardon one faction of you - We will punish another faction because they were criminals.’”

[Another fighter addresses man to be executed]

“Ask God almighty for forgiveness, you have gravely sinned! Ask God for forgiveness! Testify [that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammad is His Messenger].”

[A fighter shoots the man with a pistol in the head amid shouts “God is greatest!” and shooting in the air.]

“The State of Islam shall remain! The state of Islam shall remain! This is the destiny of each apostate!”

3 Wide of man’s body being tied to a fence.