The Abu Ghanem Tribe Fights ISIS in Ramadi

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December 4, 2014
Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq

Tribes in Anbar continue their fight against ISIS in the suburbs of Al Sajariya and Al Soufiya in the city of Ramadi, without assistance from the Iraqi army. The Abu Ghanem tribe's only demand is for the Iraq government to supply them with weapons as soon as possible, since they have almost run out of ammunition. As their demand has not yet been met, the fighters bought weapons of their own accord, to protect themselves and their lands.


(00:22) Fighter 1: "We [the tribes] have been here Al Soufiya for 9 months and a week. We don't have equipment or heavy artillery yet and we will keep fighting with the equipment we have until the government supplies us with more. We will keep fighting until the last person of the tribe dies. Inshallah we will keep standing and we will protect Al Soufiya. They can only capture Al Soufiya in their dreams, we are ready to die defending this town." (00:58)

(00:59) Fighter 2: "We are members of Abu Ghanem Tribe, and they won't take our land while we are still alive. We have strong men to oppose them and they cannot take 1 meter of Al Soufiya. We were able to drive them out of Al Sajariya and if God wills it, we can do more. If anyone tries to take our town, whether it is ISIS or not, we will crush their heads ourselves, since the government has not given us any weapons or vehicles. We fight using our own weapons and cars. We ask the government to support us; we were waiting for the engineers to defuse the bombs but they did not come so we had some men who decided to volunteer to defuse them." (02:05)

(02:06) Fighter 3: "We ask the government to support us by sending us heavy weapons. We [the Abu Ghanem Tribe] are fighting using our light weapons. We demand the weapons to be delivered at the soonest possible date." (02:26)