Iranian Ambassador to Yemen Escapes Huge Car Bomb

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December 3, 2014
Sanaa, Yemen

An explosive-laden vehicle targeted the home of Iranian ambassador to Yemen in the capital Sanaa.

Officials at the site say this was a one of a kind explosion which rocked the entire capital. However, the car bomb failed to harm its intended target, the Iranian Ambassador, who was not in the compound at the time of the attack.

The Yemeni government is expected to form a committee to investigate the assassination attempt however it is mostly likely that the attack was carried out by Al-Qaida in Yemen.

Footage shows houses wrecked due to the heavy impact of the explosion and shattered windows in nearby residential houses and vehicles within the vicinity.

Shot list:

A close-up shot on the Iranian flag/ zoom out shows damaged Iranian embassy compound from outside.

Several wide shots show people in plain clothes and military outfits standing outside the Iranian embassy compound.

A close-up shot on the Iranian flag/ zoom out shows damaged Iranian embassy compound from outside.

A wide shot shows a car with broken windshield.

A wide shot shows people walking past the Iranian embassy compound.

A wide shot shows three men inspecting the damage caused by the explosion.

Two wide shots show broken windows in the Iranian embassy compound.

A tilt down movement/ a wide shot shows broken windows in a supermarket near the Iranian embassy compound.

Interview with private security guard outside supermarket near the embassy (Man, Arabic)

“The explosion took place at 9:05 [AM] at the opening time. I thought it was inside [this building] but it was 300 meters away. It was in the direction of the north. This shrapnel landed here. The glass and decoration in this shopping center were also broken.”

Interview with government official (Man, Arabic)

“All the concerned authorities and the local council will carry out their duties. His Excellency the President of the Republic has given his orders to authorities to be present at the explosion site
people who were affected by the incident will be paid indemnities.”