Iraqi Security Forces Retake Al-Anbar Police Station

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November 30, 2014
Ramadi, Iraq

The video shows the Iraqi Armed Forces in a government compound in Ramadi, in the province of Anbar, days after it was liberated from the hands of ISIS. The building was known as al-Jahiz Building, and it was previously being used as an ISIS headquarters. For over a month, ISIS fighters and the Iraqi army along with Shia volunteers have been locked in a battle to control the city of Ramadi. Iraqi officials said that the country's military launched a major operation to retake all parts of the city, which ISIS has been regularly attacking.

(00:30) Soldier: The situation is stable now and everything is under control. Everything else is a rumor (00:40).

(02:00) Army Commander 1: We are now in the police station of Al Anbar Governorate; the situation is normal and everything is under control. All the members of the station are in position, either in the administration or on the ground. There is no presence of ISIS members in the area or in this official building; the entire region is under control. Some of the news media are promoting stories that ISIS fighters took control of the building, but it is not true (02:32).

Army Commander 2: (02:33) Some satellite TV Stations and some journalists who are promoting false news that the governmental compound is in the hands of ISIS now. But, as you can see, this news is false. We are now in this compound and our soldiers are fighting in Al Mostawdaa’ Street outside the building and in the area of Al Malaab. Today, [we killed] seven ISIS “rats” in the 20th Street, and the fights are still on with high hopes. We demand these TV stations to stop promoting false information about Al Anbar Governorate, and promote good news about security and stability in the country. And I demand some personalities who facilitate the job of the terrorists to stop what they are doing, and I warn them that justice will get you sooner or later.(04:24)