Government Warplanes Target Raqqa Again in Less Than a Week

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November 27, 2014
Raqqa, Syria

Syrian government warplanes on Thursday, November 27 waged a series of airstrikes against the northeastern city of Raqqa for a second time in less than a week, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights

More than seven people, five of whom were from the same family, were killed in the bombing, the Britain-based monitor group reported.

This video shows the destruction caused by the airstrikes and ambulances rushing to rescue the victims, while smoke can be seen in the background. Several excavation vehicles can be also be seen removing debris from the streets.

Two days earlier airstrikes believed to be carried out by Syrian government forces killed more than 95 people and injured dozens more.

The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs was quoted by the official news agency SANA as denying his government’s involvement in these attacks.

Raqqa is the self-proclaimed capital of ISIS, also known as the Islamic State.

Shot List:

00:00 – 00:04

A wide shot shows smoke rising behind residential buildings.

00:05- 00:19
Several wide shots show people running in different directions amid smoke.

00:20- 00:26
A wide shot shows people running amid the rubble of a building that was entirely destroyed.

00:27 – 00:31
A wide shot shows people running away while the siren of a vehicle can be heard.

00:32 – 00:36
A wide shot shows bulldozers removing debris from the street.

00:37 – 00:48
Two wide shots show rescue workers searching amid the rubble of a destroyed building.

00:49 – 00:57
Two medium shots show a man holding the covered body of a baby and walking amid a group of people into an ambulance.

00:58 – 01:02
A wide shot shows an ambulance speeding past a bulldozer and destroyed buildings.

01:03 – 01:09 A medium shot shows a little girl’s dress thrown on the rubble.

01:10 – 01:14
A wide shot shows a car parked in front of damaged shops; two men also appear.

01:15- 01:36
Several wide shots show a bulldozer removing debris from the street.