Tank Battle in Aleppo

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October 26-31, 2014
Aleppo, Syria

Intense combat footage shows Islamic Front and Free Syrian Army forces battling the Syrian Army in Aleppo using captured tanks. The Islamic Front and the FSA are the primary factions in control of rebel held Aleppo, including key parts of the battered old city.


"We have been in this Mosque for over a year and it is very precious to us as it is one of the great Islamic sites. We are defending it against the horrible regime [of Bashar al-Assad] that shells and bombs without considering the people or the religious sites. We are still defending our city. We follow orders to take down the regime and the president, and then liberate ourselves. We are still hanging on, trying to maintain what is left of Aleppo. With God's help, we will hopefully be liberated from this regime."

Shots List:

Shot 1: Fighters from the FSA and the Islamic Front defending an attack by the regime at the frontline of Sifat
Shot 2: Clashes between the regime and the rebels in Handarat
Shot 3: Clashes between the rebels and the regime
Shot 4: Shot of the Citadel of Aleppo, that is under the control of the regime
Shot 5: Military group commander in the old town of Aleppo and the guard of the Ummayad Mosque in Aleppo