Yazidi Hero's Funeral

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October 27, 2014
Nineveh, Iraq

Hundreds of Yazidis attended the funeral of Kheri Murad Sheikh Khedr, who was killed on the evening of Wednesday 22nd of October in Sukeniya, an area in the Sinjar Mountains. Sheikh Khedr was killed by a mortar in clashes between ISIS and Yazidis on the Sinjar Mountain. Hundreds of mourners gathered in the Lalesh Temple where they wrapped Sheikh Khedr’s coffin in a Kurdish flag and carried it to the temple’s graveyard to be buried. Khedr is the first person that is not affiliated to the temple to be buried in its grounds. The funeral was led by high profile government and religious figures and attended by a large number of Yazidis. The flute and the tambourine that are being played at the graveside are part of a Yazidi religious ritual performed at funerals.

Full 20 minutes of Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar available: www.transterramedia.com/media/49075


(00:00-00:40) Yazidi (woman, Kurdish): “To the person who has served the Yazidis religion faithfully and to who has defended the innocent, your bravery will always remain with us.”

(00:39-00:50) The man wearing a black suit, standing in the middle, is Saeed Shenkali a Kurdish Party Official. The man wearing white on the left is Baba Jawich, the head cleric of the Lalesh Temple

(03:29-03:31) The man kneeling on the grave, (man, Kurdish): “This is a hero, a martyr, who died in the Sukeniya area in Sinjar. He sacrificed his life to serve his people and he fought the ISIS terrorists. He remained in his position and did not retreat and so generations will tell tales of his glory.”