Iraqi Shia Volunteer with the Assad Allah al-Ghaleb Militia

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October 27, 2014
Karbala, Iraq

Iraqi Shia volunteers sign up with the Assad Allah al-Ghaleb militia in Karbala. The fighters will be moving to the front line to join the fight against ISIS, in the province of Diala, north of Baghdad.


(00:37-00:58) Mohamad Jassem Zoeidi, Brigade commander (man, Arabic): "We are the leaders of (Assad Allah al-Ghaleb formation), al-Hejjah al-Montazar brigade. "We will send a regiment to the Dyala province to beat the ISIS terrorists, support our security forces, and stand in the face of any terrorist group whether it is ISIS or any other group."

(01:03-01:39) Abu Jaafar, Volunteer fighter (man, Arabic): "I advise you, you are our children and we are your family. We will help you, support you, we will not let you down and we will sacrifice ourselves for you. I advise you to respect your commanders and obey them. We are going to Dyala to help the poor families, we do not want any shameful behavior. We want to to adopt the morals of al-Hussein."

(01:43-01:49) Mahdi, Volunteer fighter (man, Arabic): "We want to avenge all the Shia and our grandfather al-Hussein, we want to avenge all the Shia."

(01:50-02:10) Kazem, Volunteer fighter (man, Arabic): "The security situation is not stable in Dyala so we all go to fight. We are willing to die and will sacrifice our souls for our Imam al-Hussein. Our message to the rest of the fighters and to the entire Iraqi population is who ever insults the religion, we will fight him and we do not care what happens."

(02:24-02:50) Abu Ali, Field Commander (man, Arabic): "Wherever we need to go to support the Iraqi army, whether in Dyala, or al-Anbar, or any other place, we will go. We are counting on our strength and personal weapons because we do not have any support, but we will be victorious."