Ebola Diaries (rough cut)

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At the end of September 2014 photojournalist Daniel van Moll travelled to Liberia to cover the outbreak of Ebola and the situation on the ground. The video gives insight to the enormous work of international health organizations like Doctors Without Borders who are operating the biggest Ebola Treatment Unit but also shows the struggle state health workers are experiencing while fighting the virus. Daniel visited the Ebola treatment unit of Doctors Without Borders in Monrovia where hundreds of volunteers provide help for Ebola infected patients. But he also visited rural counties in Liberia where international help did not yet arrive. But Daniel also focused on the social impact of the recent outbreak and visited a church in Monrovia to film the community trying to seek relief in their belief.

SHOTLISTS - Duration: 00’33’46’23
00:00:00:00 Wall in Monrovia painted with warnings about the Ebola disease
00:00:10:15 Entrance to the compound of the Ebola Treatment Unit of Doctors Without Borders, Monrovia
00:00:48:19 A POV walk through the camp of Doctors Without Borders, Monrovia featuring hundreds of rubber boots drying after disinfection.
00:01:12:14 One of many hand-disinfection units
00:01:15:06 Disinfection of rubber boots
00:01:23:22 Removal of Personal Protective Equipment
00:01:54:11 The fenced high-risk area of the Ebola Treatment Unit with infected patients inside.
00:02:03:03 Nurses and medical personnel sitting next to the high-risk area.
00:02:12:22 A POV walk through the camp of Doctors Without Borders, Monrovia
00:02:31:20 Water deposit for medical personnel
00:02:40:09 Equipping Personal Protetive Equipment prior to entering the high-risk area of the Ebola Treatment Unit. The process takes about 10 minutes. You see names being written on the masks of the personnel at 00:08:43:11 to be able to identify individuals once they are dressed up.
00:10:51:12 Feaver measurement and hand disinfection at a county checkpoint outside of Monrovia
00:11:23:13 An abandoned clinic in Grand Cape Mount county. Personnel left after one case of Ebola had to be quarantined here (see below).
00:12:01:24 A young man being quarantined as he is suspected to have contracted the virus. This is his second of 21 days of isolation inside the abandoned clinic.
00:12:29:23 Emergency meeting of local health workers in Grand Cape Mount County.
00:13:06:05 Storage for protective equipment for local health workers in Grand Cape Mount County.
00:13:52:04 Driving to Dolo Town, a remote village in Margibi County.
00:13:59:15 Dolo Town in Margibi County. This town has been under lockdown for 21 days and lost about 250 people to Ebola.
00:14:31:06 Ebola Treatment Unit of the Island Clinic in Monrovia, next to Westpoint.
00:14:43:22 A WHO truck with health equipment leaving the Island Clinic in Monrovia.
00:15:12:14 Survivors of the Ebola infection are being released from Island Clinic Ebola Treatment Unit in Monrovia. They are declared cured and released after a last disinfection and hand-over of new uncontaminated clothing.
00:18:06:06 Sunday church service in St. Peter’s Church in Monrovia. Hundreds of people came to commemorate the fatalities of the recent Ebola outbreak.
00:22:26:14 And following: In times of Ebola sacramental bread is given out with tweezers during religious services to prevent the spread of the virus.
00:23:11:17 Hand disinfection liquids on a chair inside the church
00:23:18:12 One of the priests is disinfecting his hands during the service.
00:25:28:09 Soundbite about the need of international help / Dr. Julius Garbo, Grand Cape Mount County Health Officer
00:27:11:17 Soundbite about the need of international help and the process of retrieving a dead body that was suspected to be infected with Ebola / Henric Marcus Speare, Superintendent Mboo County
00:30:01:06 Soundbite about the personal tragedy from a local in Dolo Town, Margibi County / Francis, local journalist