Kobane: FSA Faction Joins Fight Against IS


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October 5-6, 2014
Kobane, Syria

The frontlines in the city of Kobani/Ain al-Arab where several FSA battalions have a arrived from different fronts to fight along side the Kurdish fighters defending the city against IS. This footage was shot on the edges and inside the city of Kobane on the 5th and 6th of October, 2014.

Shot List
1- statement of formation of the joint operations room under the name of Tigris Volcano
2- shot if fighters from the Al kasas Army
3- shots of clashes between Al Kasas army and IS
4- shot of a fighter firing an RPG during the clashes
4- shots of clashes with light and medium weapons
5- shots of fighters from Al Kasas army heading to the clashes area
6- shots of snipers and sniper activity
7- shots of clashes with IS

interviews and transcripts:

00:03-00:27 "In the name of God, the merciful, the almighty, he said: 'be united under God and do not be dispersed. Remember God's graces, for you are only enemies if you are so in your heart, but with God's grace you will be brothers.' The formation of a joint operations room under the name of Tigris Volcano is meant to stand against the injustice of the Baghdadi Mobs (IS)."

01:40-01:52 (Abu Abdallah) Commander of the Al Kasas battalion: "This is the formation of a unified operations room is meant to merge and organize operations. Of course, as he said in the statement, we are going to liberate Menbej, Raqqa and it's outskirts in the direction of Deir Ez Zour, God willing."

01:52-02:40 (Abu Abdallah) Commander of the Al Kasas battalion: "Of course the city of Ain al-Arab is a Syrian city and it's people are Syrian. We are fighting on Syrian soil and protecting the Syrian people. We are like those fighting in Qalamoun and Deraa and Ghouta, Idlib and Aleppo. God forbid, if we are forced to do a certain thing [retreat], we will go to another place and deploy our forces in more than one place and we will fight them everywhere. We will fight them to the last breath.
We have not received any support from the the government, or the Coalition, or the FSA, or their joint staff, or anyone at all. Be it through men, or gear or ammunition, we have not received anything at all, as if we are not part of the FSA