Rumah Singgah: A Home for Jakarta's Aging Transgendered

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Length: 7:01
English subtitles

"Rumah Singgah" literally means “shelter house." A project developed by Mami Yulie (Yulianus Rettoblaut), the leader of waria community (transgender M to F) in Indonesia, the shelter hosts elderly transgender with no means of living on their own for free. There, they create a sort of microcosm, a small community ruled by tight family-like bonds. Rumah Singgah is also Mami Yulie's home, where she lives with her own family: her foster children, her husband and sometimes her relatives. Almost all waria (transgender M to F) in Indonesia are chased away from their families of origin when relatives find out they are transgender people. When they are young they can survive thanks to prostitution, but when they become old and sick, many are left without others to help care for them. Rummah Singgah is a space where elderly waria care for each other and are looked after by Mami Yulie and the shelter's caretaker.