IS Abandons Deir Ez Zour Headquarters

Format mpeg4, Bitrate 2.184 mbps

September 24, 2014
Deir Ez Zour, Syria

Video shows the abandoned headquarters of ISIS on al-Intilak st. in central Deir Ez Zour. The militants left the building, which was originally used by a consumer organization known as al-Qabban, for fear of them being targeted by Western air strikes. However, ISIS still has control over the city and their religious police drive around the area enforcing sharia law by monitoring dress codes, making sure shops are closed at prayer times, and enforcing a smoking ban, among other things. The video also shows a former research center also used by IS and now abandoned.

Shot List:

various shots show the consumer institution from the outside

various shots show the logo of the Islamic State on one of the walls of the organization's building

Footage of ISIS car (al-Hisba) making rounds in al-Takaya street, telling people how to commit to the Shari'a.

various shots show the research center from the outside